Deviated Septum Care

Our ear, nose and throat (ENT) experts offer the latest deviated septum treatments.

Deviated Septum Care

Our ear, nose and throat (ENT) experts offer the latest deviated septum treatments.

Breathe Easier with Expert Treatment for Deviated Septum

The nose is divided into two nostrils, or sides. The nasal septum is the bone and cartilage that divides the nasal cavity. In people with a deviated septum, the nasal septum is not in the center of the nose, making one side of the nose smaller than the other.  

A nasal septum deviation may cause difficulty breathing and may lead to compromised drainage of the sinuses on the deviated side. People with a deviated septum may have chronic sinusitis (long-term sinus infection). Our fellowship-trained specialists have years of experience in effectively treating deviated septum. We offer advanced skills and experience — expertise you can trust.  

What Is a Deviated Septum?

What Are Deviated Septum Symptoms?

Many people with a deviated septum don’t experience symptoms and probably don’t even know they have the condition. If you experience a deviated septum, your symptoms may include: 

  • Blockage in one or both nostrils 
  • Frequent nosebleeds 
  • Noisy breathing during sleep 
  • Pain in your face 
  • Preferring to sleep on one side 

There is no reliable deviated septum self-test. If you believe you have this condition, talk to one of our ENT providers for an accurate diagnosis. 

Deviated Septum Treatments We Offer 

The first course of treatment for a deviated septum typically involves managing any troublesome symptoms. Your specialist may suggest decongestant medications, antihistamines or nasal steroid sprays. Many of these are available as over-the-counter medications. 

If medications aren’t enough to control your symptoms, we may recommend surgery. Nose reshaping surgery can also help improve your breathing passages. 

Why Choose Us for Personalized Care for Deviated Septum

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