Hemorrhoid disease is among the most common disorders affecting adults in the United States today. Many other conditions are often mistaken for hemorrhoids, and they do require investigation by a specialist. A hemorrhoidectomy is the surgical removal of hemorrhoids

At Keck Medicine of USC, we offer a number of treatments for hemorrhoids. These include medical therapy, hemorrhoid banding (which can be performed in the office) and surgery. Surgery types include PPH stapling, traditional hemorrhoidectomy, and transanal hemorrhodal dearterialization. A hemorrhoidectomy is a procedure in which incisions are made around the swollen vein so that the vein can be tied off to stop blood flow. The hemorrhoid is then removed, and the incisions are either sutured or left open, depending on the surgeons recommendation.

PPH stapling may offer the advantage of decreased pain and faster return to work compared to traditional hemorrhoid surgery. Not all types of hemorrhoids are suitable for this approach.

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