We are committed to fostering a culture of making a difference in the lives of the patients and community we serve. As part of this commitment, we actively engage in outreach efforts that extend beyond the boundaries of our clinics.

  • Camp Wonder is a series of free, medically staffed week-long summer camps for children with skin disease. Children with severe skin diseases such as severe atopic dermatitis, ichthyoses and recessive dystrophic epidermolysis bullosa attend Camp Wonder. USC Dermatology residents (doctors receiving subspecialty training) play a vital role in the medical care of the campers by administering and applying medications and G-tube feedings, performing dressing changes and staffing the Med Shed (the camp infirmary). Importantly, these physicians participate in many camp-related activities to gain an appreciation of what it is to live with a chronic skin disease and of the courageousness of campers.
  • Sunsmart