USC Epilepsy Care Consortium

The USC Epilepsy Care Consortium, which links the resources and expertise of six comprehensive epilepsy centers in central and Southern California, offers patients the latest innovations in clinical care and research, often close to home.

The consortium is the culmination of the combined efforts of a group of dedicated epilepsy specialists who are associated with academic, community, public, private, adult and pediatric comprehensive epilepsy centers. Its mission is to provide patients of all ages and socioeconomic backgrounds the highest level of epilepsy care, within their own community. The consortium also makes it possible for patients to move between centers to take advantage of specific resources while maintaining continuity of care.

Institutions participating in the USC Epilepsy Care Consortium include the USC Comprehensive Epilepsy Center, Children’s Hospital Los Angeles, Rancho Los Amigos National Rehabilitation Center, Hoag Hospital, Kern Medical Center and Valley Children’s Hospital.

For more information, visit the USC Epilepsy Care Consortium’s website at

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