Clinical Trials

Clinical trials are the driving force behind scientific advancements and developing new therapies. As exceptional clinicians and medical innovators, the physicians of the Digestive Health Center at Keck Medicine of USC continue to pioneer new treatments and procedures to benefit their patients. Promising studies include:

  • Testing several new hepatitis C drugs scheduled for FDA approval
  • Evaluating the effectiveness of weight-loss surgery on reversing or eliminating cirrhosis in patients with fatty liver disease
  • Reducing bile duct tumor size with photodynamic therapy
  • Targeting radiofrequency waves to treat bile duct disease
  • Assessing the role of spiral enteroscopy in treating patients who have undergone complex surgery
  • Narrow band imaging to facilitate the diagnostic evaluation of precancerous lesions throughout the bowel
  • Assessing if Crohn’s disease patients benefit from early and stringent medical therapy from the onset of diagnosis
  • Evaluating the effectiveness of methotrexate in treating ulcerative colitis
  • Determining the safety of certolizumab, already approved for Crohn’s disease and ulcerative colitis, for pregnant and breastfeeding women

As pioneers in the application of therapeutic endoscopy, Keck Medicine of USC is currently conducting 20 clinical trials, examining its value in treating disorders spanning across many specialty areas.

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