Glomerular Disease Clinic

Glomerulopathy Clinic

Glomerulonephritis is a group of diseases that injure the part of the kidney that filters blood (called glomeruli). Other terms you may hear used are nephritis and nephrotic syndrome. When urine tests are performed, there is often either protein, blood or both seen in the urine, which is abnormal. Definitive diagnosis often involves a kidney biopsy. If the illness continues without treatment, the kidneys may stop working completely, resulting in kidney failure.

Hui Shan , MD
Dr. Shan has broad experience in the care of patients with glomerular kidney diseases. She is utilizing multicenter clinical research studies to advance patient care and knowledge in the area of glomerulopathies.

Miroslaw Smogorzewski, MD, PhD
Dr. Smogorzewski has a longstanding interest in the management of glomerular kidney diseases. He has published extensively in the area of recurrent post-transplant glomerulopathies.